Shadow Worlds


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  1. Shaman (6:13) Bob Conti $0.99 1:12
  2. The Doctor (6:23) Bob Conti $0.99 1:08
  3. The Cleansing (7:09) Bob Conti $0.99 1:19
  4. Dream Time (6:19) Bob Conti $0.99 1:21
  5. Wedding Song (6:25) Bob Conti $0.99 1:17
  6. Sea & Sky Voyage (6:00) Bob Conti $0.99 1:13
  7. Marcha Funebre (7:09) Bob Conti $0.99 1:15
  8. African Son & Mother (5:33) Bob Conti $0.99 1:17
  9. Ancient Spirits (5:23) Bob Conti $0.99 1:15
  10. Healing Sea (5:19) Bob Conti $0.99 1:20


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One would have to be a fool to believe that what we see is all that there is. Beyond the eye, behind the shadow, There are worlds beyond ours and we can only travel there by suspending our trusted beliefs and allowing our internal spirit to guide us.

If your faith is as strong as mine, you need not fear anything. Life is more than “struggle and achieve, or fail and lose.” We are here to explore.

Travel with us through the music I have created for you. Journey with us into the mysterious realm of the “Shadow Worlds.”

Shaman: Our Shaman reaches altered states of consciousness and takes us with him in order to find and ultimately interact with the spirit world. In this piece of music, the Shaman invites you to travel through the smoke and the clouds, past the curtain that may tend to block our vision. This is your personal invitation into the Shadow Worlds and beyond.

The Doctor: This is the tale of a 7ft medicine man who graduated from a prestigious university only to return to his native people as a healer. One foot is in what we call “civilization” while his other foot is deeply planted in the healing and black magic of Voodoo.

The Cleansing: The Exorcist is one entry point into the dark world of demon-chasing. Some Exorcists say they’ve never been busier, and Pope Francis’s fixation with expunging the Devil has helped raise the prominence of the practice. Recently the Vatican formally recognized the International Association of Exorcists, a group of 250 priests in 30 countries. In fact, the Australians have a clever way to strike fear in the hearts of demons, and I use this instrument of cleansing throughout this song. Listen and be cleansed by this prayer sledging Satan as the bringer of death, root of all evil, accursed dragon, seducer of man and father of all lies.

Dream Time Our dreams are windows into the shadow worlds! The ancient Egyptians thought of dreams as simply a different form of seeing, with trained dreamers serving as Seers to help plan battles and make State decisions. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that dreams were equal parts predictions of future events and visitations by the dead. I believe dreams are sleigh rides into the madness that exists beyond the shadows. Ride your dream into the heart of the shadows, take it where you want to go. You need not fear because in your dream state you are protected by everything Holy, insuring that all you are required to do is just enjoy your Dream Time!

Wedding Song A couple from India are being married. We hear them and see them in our minds eye. We feel their love. The family, so happy look on and listen as they prepare. As she sings to him and pledges her love to her soon to be husband, he hears her beautiful voice. Her song moves him to tears and he is compelled to respond. He stops dressing and responds by playing his own song of love to her.

Sea & Sky Voyage The green sea foam splashes over us as we travel and skim the surface of the ocean. Up we soar into the deep blue sky where we find the time to dry ourselves and make ready for our sacred landing on a ship of gold.

Marcha Funebre There can be joy in the actual passing from this life into the next. Initially we feel sorrow when loved ones pass but true believers can witness this joyful celebration as we start out in sorrow and wind up on a march into Eternal paradise.

African Son & Mother How often do we hear a Son and his Mother profess their love for one another in front of their entire village, and then celebrate that love in a performance with their entire family or tribe? You don’t have to understand the language to feel the humor and the love going back and forth from Mother to Son, and ultimately to the Tribe.

Ancient Spirits The voice of a great Spirit pleads with his Father to heal the world, and although he is “of the blood,” he has yet to completely understand. His Father explains that, like Thomas, he should not ‘doubt’ that everything is as it is. The Father asks, “How could you possibly understand that which is not meant to be understood?” “Believing is freedom.” Together they both lift up in Faith and receive their reward.

Healing Sea Communing with Nature provides relief from stress. We go beyond the veil of the known, into the unknown, where we can feel ourselves cradled in arms of a healing sea. It welcomes us home and bids us to stay in the Shadow Lands as long as we wish.

Guest Artists:
Elton John’s long time bassist Bob Birch : Fretless, Upright and Fender Bass

Uruguayan Guitar Virtuoso Federico Ramos: guitar, ocarina

Bob Conti: Producer, Composer: All percussion instruments, drums, didgeridoo and vocals.

Backed by Artoosh and the Osmanic Empire Orchestra.

Original album cover artwork by my father, Alfred Conti.


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