Featuring Federico Ramos

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You can purchase single tracks for $0.99 a piece or the entire album for $9.95.

  1. Rio Negro (3:27) Bob Conti $0.99 1:20
  2. Magaluna (4:02) Bob Conti $0.99 1:02
  3. Back in Montevideo (4:17) Bob Conti $0.99 1:15
  4. Villages (4:17) Bob Conti $0.99 1:06
  5. Carlos Páez Vilaró (4:41) Bob Conti $0.99 1:19
  6. Ombu Forrest (3:07) Bob Conti $0.99 1:15
  7. Tupamaros (6:44) Bob Conti $0.99 1:07
  8. Dance of the Charrua (3:58) Bob Conti $0.99 1:05
  9. Colonia (3:36) Bob Conti $0.99 1:19
  10. Along the Coast (5:05) Bob Conti $0.99 1:10


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The climate is temperate, the population highly literate and the public health system is one of the best. Uruguay is middle class, well-developed with few extremes between rich and poor and the standard of living is high compared to the rest of South America.

Uruguay has a solid democratic tradition and is about as stable a South American country as you’ll find. Interestingly, the population spends very little on its armed forces making it possible to fund its enviable social reforms.

The second smallest country in South America, it has only gone to war to defend itself and is the first country in Latin America to legalize divorce and allow women to vote.

Uruguay has the most homogenous population of any South American country, a population made up of mostly of Spanish and Italian origin, which reflects the ancestry of the composer / performers of MYSTICALIA (Federico Ramos & Roberto Conti)

The word Uruguay comes from the old Indian term meaning, “river of the painted birds.” There are still gauchos riding on the unending miles of cattle country.

Why go? There are superb beaches, good food, old cars in Montevideo, and it’s a great boat ride from Buenos Aires.

If you are not able to go for a visit right now, allow native Uruguayan Federico Ramos (all string instruments, co-writer) and yours truly (Percussion, Writer and Producer of this project) to take you on a mystical musical tropical journey to Uruguay!


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